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    Zhejiang Sunrise Crystal Art & Craft Factory is located in Pujiang city which is intituled as "crystal city, township of the calligraphy and painting" It is specialized producing crystal handicraft, the crystal awarding cup, crystal steamboat, crystal deep enchase, the crystal inner enchase, crystal zodiac, crystal ball and so on. Factory also can accord the customer requirement to the chart manufacture; we zealously welcome the new and old customers¡¯ presence!
    The company has proposed "Use Chinese resources to make global market", booth the enterprise culture ¡° The human as principal, system for the safeguard, team as the premise and equal trust ¡±, take unceasingly innovates, pursues the human¡¯s spirit to savor the life as an own duty, make great efforts to making the sunrise crystal its own brand¡£
    Ten years start an undertaking, pass through many difficulties; we have established the worth trusting business relation with the multitudinous customers, we believe, if only we always persisted the policy "the strict selection, the careful manufacture, provides the high quality product and choiceness service for the customer", try hard to make each kind of product, each product best, we sure can obtain the social from all walks of life bigger support company take the good faith as a basis, hopes take the crystal as the bridge to make more and more friends, knowledge and wealth. Sincerely welcome people from all walks of life visit instruct, the discussion service, altogether to attempt the development.

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